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M·A·C Brush

The new mac snow ball brush kit is perfect for those who love the snow ball line of products! This kit includes the brush, the snow ball pen, and a bag to store the snow ball brush. The brush is fluff-free and has a sleek design, making it perfect for creating smooth, wet-type makeup operations. The snow ball pen is perfect for writing and drawing attention to your content, and the bag is great for taking and keeping the brush in the car.

M.A.C Pigment Brush 226/228

M.A.C Pigment Brush 226/228

By M·A·C

USD $10.50

M.A.C. Snow Ball Brush Kit in Gold

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The m·a·c 270s mini rounded slant brush is a perfect brush forodcasting with your makeup in all directions. It has a beige color with a slim design. This brush is brand new and has a perfect slant shape.
the m. C pigment brush is a great for thickening and lightening up hair. It is also great for adding color to direct hair to the surface. C snow ball brush kit in gold is perfect for those who love m. C products! This brush kit contains a snow ball brush, a hot brush, and a set of tips. The m. Snow ball brush kit is perfect for working with cold ingredients or light-colored products.